A rare update

I must remember to keep this thing up to date!

What have I been up to? I wish I could blog an entry full of brave adventures and action. In a way I could but I'd simply be journaling all the DVDs I've been watching lately! As usual I've had some internet success and found a great site to buy films from and now they have a fair share of my money! It's worth it though; I've picked up a few classics. Rear Window is such a superb film. I'm happy with my DVD player too. Imagine that! It was a Christmas present from fellow DVD loving friends.

Bleep, bleep. bleep

I must find the time to go see The Incredibles. I was annoyed when I missed Alien vs Predator (or is it Aliens vs Predators). I always fancied one of those motion detectors and gun combinations from the film aliens. They'd be really handy when walking through Leith late at night.

Beep! Incoming.

You'd check your nav display on the back of the gun and eyeball two suspicious red dots coming out of muggers alley towards you.

Beep! Incoming.

You'd just crank up your rail gun and: BLAM! No more muggers.

The technology is actually nearly here. I was checking out all sorts of GPS navigation gadgets and the list is pretty impression. You'll get stuff starting at the £100 mark too; which isn't so bad. Okay, more than I can afford, but not bad.

Need help, Doc?

It's like mumbo-jumbo! The stuff we put our doctors though is incredible, no wonder med students are so mad. Apparently 123Doc is a really popular site! I guess it's full of med students looking for help, any help, help!

For example, take MRCP 2 as an example. You need help just to understand what the exam is about!

Beyond Philosophy?

Are you beyond philosphy. This site about customer experience is an eye opener! I might be talking about the orange and purple! But no, it's all about what customers experience when they use your service. I wonder what the customer experience of LiveJournal is? It's a strange one, it's it? You pay your money (if you want!), write for your self and read about your friends. Here the customer experience is very much up to other customers! I wonder what the customer experience pyramid would make of a flaming comment thread!

I suppose the real customer experience of LJ are on those rare occasions when you have to wait for admin. In most cases your customer experience is

A find?

I love finding stuff like this. After a bit of nosing around I'm fairly sure these Golf bidder sites are (where!) virgin to outside eyes: France, Spain and Germany. For some reason I keep on trying to type "gold bidder" instead of "golf bidder".

Must practise; golf, golf, golf, golf, golf, gold. Damn. :)

(no subject)

Basicly any Edward Hopper painting would represent
you. You are a loner, and isolationalist. You
are very intelegent but also very quiet. You
prefer to keep to yourself and most of the time
people can't really comprehend that. You may
have a hard time trusting people and may have
had a very hard childhood (bet the school
bullies loved to pick on you).

Yourself as Art.
brought to you by Quizilla

Weather and wise pearls

It's a lovely sunny Tuesday. It's especially good as Monday was the bank holiday. Cancelled the weekend visit to the puppies but managed to enjoy a film instead. I think Chronicles of Riddick will appeal most to people who don't mind overtures of "B movie" in their Sci-Fi. Oh, it was far from B budget with Disel and Dench in it but it was hinting at a bigger and better world out there in the way the experienced authors and directors of the original budget Sci-Fis once did.

In my random fishing around the net I've found a rather simple looking site which goes with a "Pearls of Wisdom" theme - in a nicely understated sort of way. Pro Business Publications seems to burn health and safety reports on to CDs. I don't think I'm quite sold on the idea that there's a visual connection between a shiny CD and a shiny pearl but the mother of pearl in the oyster shell on the top right logo does seem to match the shine on the CD on the left.


I'm a big movie fan. Okay, I don't get to watch as many as I would like but that doesn't stop me being a big fan.

There seems to be an unwritten rule among cinemas in that they must have an awful website. All they want to do is find out where you live and then make guesses at when their local cinemas might actually be showing the film. Tell you anything about the film? Heavens no.

Then there's Amazon but I don't really trust it. It's too big. It tries to be personal but fails. Nope. That's why I'm happy to have Movie Mail. I just picked up my copy of Blood of the Blood (also known as Passion Of the Christ, The) and it arrived in super quick time.

Thankfully they've just joined the RSS revolution and there are movie_releases and moviemail_news to watch here.


First post!

Oh. This is my journal. It was easy to get the first post here.
Hmm. What to write?

Strangely enough I found a site about outsourcing this morning. I wonder if they can outsource blogging? It's not all that mad, and it is a small world, only the day before I found the Atlanic Rowing Challenge site where the big yellow boat had been sponsored by the very same Huntswood Outsourcing Solutions.

And yes, I spend too much time looking at random websites like this. I call it cyber anthropology, the meme of web.